Texas Links

Texas Efficiency Web Site
Site provides links to information about the energy efficiency programs administered by the investor-owned utilities in Texas. Standard Offer Programs (SOPs) have been implemented by all of the state's larger investor-owned utilities to provide incentives to energy service companies and other providers of energy efficiency services to offset a portion of the upfront cost associated with energy efficiency measures. This information may be of interest to potential participants in these programs and others with an interest in the State's energy efficiency efforts.
Texas Construction Association
Organization that represents Texas construction subcontractors and suppliers.
Texas Glass Association
TGA is the Texas chapter of the National Glass Association and serves the needs of independent glass companies to further the advancement of the glass industry in Texas.
North Texas Division - TGA
This is a Northern Texas division of the TGA, which promotes professionalism and profitability within the glass industry through unity and education.
Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)
Find your representative - see schedules - read bills.

National Links

Alliance to Save Energy
The Alliance to Save Energy is a non-profit coalition of business, government, environmental and consumer leaders, which promote energy efficiency worldwide.
American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)
A trade association for the residential and commercial fenestration industry.
Efficient Windows Collaborative
The EWC is a consortium of stakeholders related to energy-efficient windows. The benefits of high-performance windows are laid out in a comprehensive, easy to understand way, and the site has useful FAQs too.
Energy Star® Program
This site will give you information about the Energy Star® program, which labels energy efficient products. The Energy Star® windows program is a voluntary partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy and the fenestration industry to promote sales of energy efficient windows, doors and skylights.
National Fenestration Rating Council
NFRC is a non-profit corporation organized to promote the public interest through consistent ratings on window, door and skylight products.
Responsible Energy Codes Alliance
A national coalition of energy efficiency professionals, regional organizations, product and equipment manufacturers, trade associations, and environmental organizations that promote the adoption and implementation of improved building energy codes and, in particular, the most recent version of the IECC nationwide without weakening amendments.
Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA)
A trade association of U.S. and Canadian manufacturers and suppliers of windows and door.