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Understanding window customers and their product preferences is crucial to the success of a window retailer. Equally important is having a clear grasp of the features, advantages and benefits of each of the different window products available. This fact is especially true when marketing high-performance window products. By possessing all of the pertinent information, vendors can clearly communicate the many financial and environmental benefits of high-performance windows to interested customers.

Characteristics of Energy Efficient Windows

An energy efficient window in Texas is a window that reduces heat exchange, particularly the solar heat gain. Solar heat on windows is the biggest contributor to air conditioning bills. Energy efficient windows in Texas should have a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of no higher than 0.25, although values below 0.25 are recommended. U-factors of 0.35 or lower are also recommended. To learn more about Solar Heat Gain, the features of Low-E Glass and other technical characteristics of high-performance windows, visit the High-Performance Windows page of the Builder and Architect section.

Benefits of High-Performance Windows

Some of the key benefits of high-performance windows are most obvious to the homeowner, and include energy savings from reducing peak heating and cooling loads, as well as the potential for downsizing their climate control systems. Builders and Contractors can also differentiate their homes, projects and business by creating more comfortable & attractive homes and achieving distinctions such as the Energy Star® or LEED designation. Retailers must be aware of these benefits when offering different window options in order to satisfy the needs and wants of their clients. For a discussion of these benefits, visit the Benefits page.

Marketing High-Performance Windows

In addition to the benefits to that are provided to the Homeowner, there are a number of marketing benefits associated with selling high-efficiency windows, as they are a value-added product that provides credibility and name recognition. To find out more about selling and marketing high-performance windows, go to the Marketing page.